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Why We Give

The Journey to Jessy’s Purr-fect People


Finding the right home for the fearful and shy Jessy was no easy feat. With the help of our supporters, Jessy received the patience and care he needed to find his forever family. Read More

From Rescue to Recovery


Doree was on the brink of death when the ARL rescued her from a puppy mill in 2021. Today, she is walking, jogging and receiving the love she deserves in her forever home. Read More

Hope for Highway Bobby

Highway Bobby

Highway Bobby arrived at the Animal Rescue League as a tiny, injured kitten, weighing just 1.7 pounds. A good Samaritan had found him by the side of a highway with severe trauma to his back end. His condition was serious, but we knew we had to give him a chance. Read More

Finding Healing and a Home


Without receiving care in our Miracle Medical Ward, Junie most certainly would have died. Instead, she’s now happy, healing and loved by her new owner. Read More

Thriving in the Warmth of Love


Things looked bleak for Olaf the kitten. the ARL rescued him just in time. Read More

A Second Chance


When Lucille arrived at the ARL, her condition was dire. With some love and TLC, Lucille got a second chance at living a happy, healthy life. Read More

A Sweet Tale of Survival


Our emergency response team found Sophie huddled in a bathroom, stabbed and wet. After multiple surgeries and lots of love, she is healing—and finding a forever home and happy life. Read More

Loved Beyond Measure


At just 20-weeks old, Dewey had been hit by a car. His leg was severely broken and he couldn't walk. Thanks to you, Dewey got the care he needed to heal and, best of all, the love he always deserved. Read More

Beyond Healing: Dawn's Loving Life Again


Severely burned and covered in soot, Dawn was in desperate need of help when she arrived at the ARL. With steady care and lots of love, however, Dawn began to heal and find a renewed love of life. Read More

Charlotte's Road to Recovery


When rescuers brought Charlotte to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, she was in desperate need of our care. Thanks to your support, we saved her life and found her a loving new home. Read More

Abused Kittens Find a Loving Home

Ritz and Charm

When two severely abused kittens arrived at the ARL, it was doubtful whether they'd survive the night. Read More

Giving Second Chances


Thanks to generous donors, our trained staff is able to provide medical care, love and second chances to pets who come to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in desperate need of help—like Bennie. Read More